While we are having repairs made at MCC Topeka, Pastor Paul will only be it the office as needed.  Please call and make an appointment.  This will be until mid-August.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your help!

MCC Topeka All Are Welcome!

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Blessing Box Installed

As part of our outreach to the community, we have installed a Blessing Box in our yard near the Community Garden.

This is a small wood box containing non-perishable food and hygiene products. These items are free for anyone to take who is in need, and at the same time people in the neighborhood and our church can donate items by placing them inside the box. This is a way for our church to partner with the Blessing Box movement in Topeka.

Circles Group Outreach Opportunity

Circles Group Outreach Opportunity
Tuesday, July 18

The Mission: To inspire and equip families and communities to resolve poverty and thrive.

Everyone who is interested in this group, which is similar in focus to our Feed My Sheep activities, is asked to speak to Deb. We are hosting the meal on this date.  Volunteers are needed for Tuesday, July 18.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, July 16

  • Drum Circle
  • MCC Topeka Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 26

Celebration of Pastor Paul’s 30th Anniversary